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Workshops Offered


Inclusive Curriculum

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy 

Differentiation in Instruction 


Employing the Currere Process

Teaching Race in Social Studies

Teaching Diverse Student Populations

Critical Inquiry Design Model
Pathways for Students with Exceptionalities



Race Equity Diversity Inclusion (REDI)

The Colorblind Approach

Implicit Bias



Preparing for Diversity

Racial Awareness

Racial Inclusion in the Workplace

Recruitment of People from Underserved Populations

Train the Trainer

Photo 1: Dr. Levingston standing in front of a podium holding a white board.
Photo 2: Dr. Levingston speaking to seated participants at a Workshop for medical personnel.
Photo 3: Dr. Levingston standing in front of a projection screen at a workshop for medical personnel.
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