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Veteran Logo: United States flag in the shape of a shield.
Photo of Earl: Headshot of Dr. Earl Levingston in a suit.
Owner In-Structure LLC

Earl R.

Levingston Ph.D

In-Structure is a professional development company that provides in-service training for public and private entities. Our “why” is to impact change in an ever-changing world. Each professional development opportunity will provide organization based customized engagement, a multi perspective approach and participant growth. If you are interested in purposeful, impactful and innovative deliverables, then allow In-Structure to serve your organizational needs.

Photo 1: Dr. Levingston speaking to a participant at a workshop.
Photo 2: Dr. Levingston standing in front of a podium with right hand open
Photo 3: Dr. Levingston standing in front of a podium pointing at audience
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